What is BusinessKids?

Kids are immersed into the world of business through games and dynamic sessions. Our weekly classes help children engage with business concepts in a fun way, working towards the launch of their own business.


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In BusinessKids, we teach children that good businesses are more than just a source of wealth, thus creating in them a real social conscience. BusinessKids teaches children to be entrepreneurs with a sound set of values.


To teach children how to put their dreams and ideas into action by showing them multiple and effective ways to start a business, to foster healthy self-confidence and the ability to achieve their goals at a young age so they can be confident entrepreneurs in the future.


The BusinessKids program is based on activities, games, interactive classes, short sessions with PowerPoint presentations and videos.


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Our Story

BusinessKids is an offspring of Comercio Internacional Mexicano, a company specialized in executive training. After several years of working with entrepreneurs, we realized that most of them had something in common: fear to undertake their projects. When children grow in an entrepreneurial environment, they learn that risks, challenges and ups and downs are the norm in business. BusinessKids will enable children to grow confident in their ability to manage a business as adults.

We teach kids leadership, self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity, innovation, sales, marketing, administration, finance, ethics and values while forming them as entrepreneurs.